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For the purpose of my response I would like to address two main points; first is what actually happened with respect to the MDC and the second is what has transpired since. When I speak about JREF I speak about the organization as a whole, as there are a few people there that I respect, not all, but a few.

I was invited to take part in the JREF MDC and gladly accepted. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to show the world what my technology was capable of. We agreed upon a protocol upon how the procedure of the demonstration was to go, and we agreed that no one from my team would talk to anyone about the challenge before the challenge itself as to not influence anyone's beliefs. We also agreed that I would not have any other technology that I had created during the testing process and neither I nor my team was allowed any photography or recording device.

Only once did JREF actually see a demonstration first hand from me. The night before the challenge we spoke with the JREF panel and only one of the members would get up to do the demonstration that I was going to be doing the next day. This is the same individual that told me "just because you lost, it doesn't mean it doesn't work. Find a better way to prove it and come back next year". I remember as I did the demonstration I couldn't stop myself from laughing. Not only did this individual get to feel it for himself, the look on his face was awesome. What was even funnier was the dirty looks he received from various members of JREF when he got up to try it out. I didn't realize it then but this was basic theme for JREF. It was never about the technology or even if it worked. It was never about finding something that could win the challenge, i.e. prove that something outside of the norm could exist. Their whole focus was making sure that I was not going to cheat because in their eyes that was the only way I could win.

This brings me to a very disturbing point about JREF. I had believed that JREF was an honorable organization. I believed that the only thing they wanted was someone to prove that they could do what they said. From the very beginning of my JREF MDC challenge the concept of the technology was a minor point compared to their belief that I was in it to cheat, despite the fact that they invited me. I was requested to send them a chip for inspection, to make sure that there was no kind of battery inside or some kind of transmitter. In fact, the original idea was that I was going to get this chip back to use during the challenge. This chip was to be unmolested or untampered with. During this process I was willing to share the technology with JREF if the appropriate paperwork was signed. I offered this several times. After my last offer I was told they had already torn it apart, which is why in the contract they added that it was also in JREF's best interest to keep my technology a secret. The truth is I made the chip even easier for them to inspect for batteries and what not because not in my wildest dreams would I have expected them to do this.

Obviously, they knew it was wrong that they went behind my back to tear into the chip that they said they were not going to tamper with. They justified it by saying that I should understand why they did this because they had to ensure I wasn't cheating (which again was their only concern). They then put into writing that it was in their best interest to keep the technology a secret, yet first chance they get they discuss it for the world to hear. Very shortly after the event, a discussion of our technologies took place during one representative's recount of the challenge. Here this representative spoke about the internals of our Capacitive Chip Technology. Ultimately, JREF went behind my back to discover my technology (which I offered to share), they lied to me, and they committed a breach of contract. This coming from an organization that prides itself on truth and honesty.

The next thing that concerns me about JREF is that the challenge itself was not set up for a "scientific study". It was set up for a challenge. In other words; could I prove my claim at their house, using their people, under their rules? Of course we all agree upon a protocol of how things are supposed to go, but it encompassed only the interaction between me and the subjects. That's all. The way the stage was set up, to the placement of the table and boxes was all decided and designed by JREF. The cameras, lights, media, microphone, and all those external influences were also determined by JREF. The point is that so much took place that was out of the realm of a protocol, and many of these having potentially massive influences on how people will perform on stage that there is no conceivable way this could be called a scientific study. Yet, after it was all said and done, when JREF released the video they labeled it a "scientific study" into Dynactiv SR. Does anyone really believe that what happened on stage was scientific?

Calling this scientific is an insult to the scientific community, and an insult to anyone doing clinical work. SO why is JREF still taken seriously? The reason is that until now, as far as I know, every person who has taken the challenge and failed (which is everyone) has not had another avenue to prove their claim. Until now. Dynactiv SR has clinical data, using real scientific methods, following actual clinical guidelines that show what our technology can do. Until now the only thing people had to go on was what JREF said, because people couldn't find another way to counteract what JREF was saying. But, we have actual clinical data. We used actual scientific instrumentation using real scientific methods. So who do you believe? Do you believe a scientific study conducted by people who obviously have no concept of what that is, or do you believe results from real data conducted from legitimate scientific protocols?